A note on Tria advertising…

Since learning about Tria about 6-7 weeks ago, I have become kind of intrigued about how it advertises its laser products.  If you do a search online (probably with google), and use the terms “Tria laser review”, you get a whole host of positive reviews about the product.  Further, I noticed that many of these reviews include links to webpages where you can directly buy the product.  Now, I am not one for conspiracy theories, but it does seem odd to me, that so many positive reviewers are also selling the product.  The reviews generally follow this format:

  • Positive statement – Tria is amaze bla bla
  • How to use it, photos of the product
  • Negative part: Charging it is a pain, head is too small
  • Conclusion: Cant recommend it enough! Tria is amaze! bla bla
  • Cue link to buy the product either in UK/USA

There is a distinct lack of reviews by people who have not received the product through the blogger programme.  This leads me to believe that there are two types of reviews available on google:

  1. Those reviews that are Tria-sponsored, i.e. bloggers who have received the product for free to review online.
  2. Search results that Tria have paid for, as google works on a paid advertising basis. The higher up the search results, the more likely it is that someone has paid for those to rank highly.

Also, my little blog here is not available on any search engines, I googled and duckduckgo”ed “trialaser4xreview wordpress” but I don’t appear. However Tria laser review wordpress brings you directly to two other extremely positive wordpress reviews.

Something to think about before you spend the money on Tria I suspect.

Another interesting thing I would like to add is that since I am 5 weeks in and have noticed no hairs falling out, if anything I have noticed that the growth has diminished, this is, as pointed out by one blogger, not how these lasers should work. They are meant to destroy the root, not weaken it, so hairs should fall out, not simply, grow back less frequently or weaker.

Anyway, maybe I am bitter because I continue to have daily hair growth (in some places worse than before) so do bear with me. I leave for holidays in 3 weeks and plan to use it as usual until I go.  I will be delighted to be proven wrong of course, since I shelled out all that money out of my own pocket and I am not rich. Any comments or thoughts are warmly welcomed!  Thanks 🙂





A note on use

Well I would have to add that I have some tips for how to use this thing:

  1. Schedule a chunk of your day: Bear in mind it takes 2 hours to charge and you get about 30 minutes of use time from that.  So schedule a chunk of your day, or do half an hour before work, charge up while at work then half an hour when you get home. It is painstakingly slow since the head is also very small.
  2. Do it during daylight hours: It is really hard to see where you zap in artificial light. I would recommend getting a clean mirror and doing this in the daylight so you can really monitor the hair.
  3. Be prepared to be painstakingly precise and consistent with your treatments: move the head of the laser very slowly, doing overlap movements, otherwise you are going to miss spots, even if you think you won’t. I thought that I could watch a tv show or some such whilst doing this, nope, this needs your undivided attention.  Larger areas like the arms or legs, you might need to buy a White eyeliner to draw little squares of where you treat.

All in all, this thing needs a lot of time, patience and exactness. I would really consider this before purchase. If you are really busy, are looking for a quick fix, and have no time to spend zapping parts of your body tediously, then this is not for you!



Week 5: Face, armpits, arms, etc

So I did not post last week about my arms, but I simply did my trip laser thing as usual, on armpits, feet, face and the full arms. It has been FIVE weeks since I have started. I have to say that the results are disappointing. I have had no noticeable difference overall. Certainly not what the product has promised.  While I can see some very slight difference on my armpits and upper lip, my chin, arms and feet are exactly the same as when I started. No hairs have fallen out and the regrowth is frustratingly, the exact same.  Bear in mind that the inlay promised up to a 70% reduction after the second treatment. That is for sure not the case with me. And I match the exact criteria, pale, white skin and dark Brown to black hairs.  I will go through each area one by one:

Face, upper lip, chin – well it has been very bittersweet. I have noticed a marginal, very tiny reduction of the dark hairs that were on my upper lip. I am talking about between 5-10 hairs that were black and coarse. They seem to have thinned. BUT, I am using a light razor there and use it pretty much every other day now, so there is no way to see it. Unless I allow the hairs to grow back for more than 3 days. However, it is not a satisfactory result, since I am still having to defuzz every other day. Result in 5 weeks? Maybe a 5-10% reduction.  On my chin, the story has been worse since the use of a razor there has meant lots more hairs have sprouted than before. I tediously zap them every other day. I am no losing hope just yet. I am patient and I am not going to slate Tria just yet. I am after all a logical scientist so I await further results.

Feet: no change whatsoever, if anything the use of a razor has made the hairs look darker :/

Underarms: Yes, a reduction BUT only on the upper half. Also, there is no way that I could go without shaving there. If you see the below pic, it is pretty much the same this week. So I am going on holidays in 3 weeks and as you can see, I would definitely need to shave them to be hair free.

Arms: No change either. Shaving them instead of waxing, has made them spiky. It is embarrassing. I have to wear long sleeves on regrowth days. I am not happy Tria. Yet, considering it has been 5 weeks and technically 3 treatments, I am prepared, in the interest of sound scientific research to continue my treatments. They have a 90 day money back guarantee, so I am still less than half way, today is day 39. ( I am not sure if I qualify for the Money-back guarantee since I bought it in a store rather than online, but under EU consumer legislation, I should be able to get Money back for a product that doesnt work. But we have not come to that yet! I remain optimistic!

Will check in again next week with more treatments and photos. 🙂

Week 4: Face, armpits etc

ok so I didn’t shave my armpits since last week and I won’t be able to do this tomorrow so I’m going to treat today.

Now I’m aware that even though this is my fourth treatment, it’s technically my second, since Tria say to treat every two weeks.

My armpits are growing in very patchy, and the top half clearly has less hair than the bottom. Having said that, they Still need to be shaved. Here’s a pre treatment pic.

imageAnd the other one,

imageHmm I’m not so impressed I have to say, however patience is a virtue and they promise a 70% reduction in a 5 week period.

This is my fourth week so I hope to see results next week, results better than this I have to say!! On some other blogs, I saw that the reviewer mentioned the biggest decrease in between the fourth and fifth treatment.

as for my face, it really has been bittersweet. The hairs on my top lip have reduced on one side, but some new hairs, caused by shaving, have sprouted out on my chin and around the sides of my mouth. They are really black, and thicker than previous ones. I started this because I realised that if I don’t carry a tweezers around with me, I would always always get new embarrassing facial hairs everyday. I bought the Tria for precisely this reason, honestly the armpits and legs etc I can get over but having facial hair for so many years has broken down my confidence. I always get so dismayed when I see people’s eye draw to my upper lip and when I look in the mirror and see a dark shadow there. I’ve had it since I was about 12 and I am just fed up. Fed up of plucking, waxing, using concealer, feeling less of a woman. I hope that Tria will take of this problem as promised. It is the main reason I shelled out €445. Will check in next week again peeps.

Week 3: Face, armpits, etc

So I have actually  not started at with my legs since I fell and hurt my leg last week and the cuts/scabs/bruises don’t look like they need a burning laser sensation on them.

I have decided for now, to concentrate on my face, arms, armpits and feet. Legs, body, Bikini will have to come later.

I have to say that I have noticed less hair growing on my upper lip and chin. I hope it is not wishful thinking. I have been using a really tiny, micro blade-protected razor on my face as I don’t want to use a regular razor. I used it today and there are less hairs than last week. My chin seems the same, maybe about a 5-10% reduction. I treated my whole face today with level 4-5. Bloody painful but apparently the higher the setting, the faster the results. I am actually encouraged by the results, especially since I am using it weekly instead of the recommended bi-weekly.

I did my feet today too, just my big toe and the top of my foot. It also seems like there is less hair there. Although it is really hard to say.

Finally, I did my armpits, which hurt like hell today. The laser at 4-5 is too high, lowered it to three but it still hurts. If I press the device hard against my skin, the pain is reduced. It really also looks like the hairs under my arms are thinning too. I am going to not shave anywhere til next Monday in order to really examine the regrowth. Luckily my boyfriend is out of town 😉

Week 2: Arms

I understand that my blogs are repetitive, shave, clean, dry, laser,  but I’m writing these entries not only to give an honest review and description for the would-be buyer but also as a way for me to remember when I lasered what and keep track of how it goes.

So today I do my whole arms. I charge up the device and crank the laser to level 5 as my arms aren’t as sensitive as say my upper lip. Each arms gets about 300 zaps, that’s about 15 minutes and sure enough the laser runs out of battery just as I finish the second arm.

I’m charging it up again as I want to get some part of my leg done tonight but yeah it’s annoying. no noticeable reduction of hair anywhere. It’s ok though. I’m not expecting it just yet.



Week 2: Face, armpits, etc

ok, so I’m not waiting another week for my second Treatment (Tria recommends treating every two weeks, I am planning to treat every week on the same day for consistency), I’m going to treat again this week for the second time. Going to do upper lip, chin, feet and armpits today.

I used level 2-3 more or less. Watched some Tria laser review videos on YouTube, got a handy tip to buy a white eyeliner to help map out the lines on my arms and legs.  2 treatments down, looking forward to seeing some results soon!