A note on Tria advertising…

Since learning about Tria about 6-7 weeks ago, I have become kind of intrigued about how it advertises its laser products.  If you do a search online (probably with google), and use the terms “Tria laser review”, you get a whole host of positive reviews about the product.  Further, I noticed that many of these reviews include links to webpages where you can directly buy the product.  Now, I am not one for conspiracy theories, but it does seem odd to me, that so many positive reviewers are also selling the product.  The reviews generally follow this format:

  • Positive statement – Tria is amaze bla bla
  • How to use it, photos of the product
  • Negative part: Charging it is a pain, head is too small
  • Conclusion: Cant recommend it enough! Tria is amaze! bla bla
  • Cue link to buy the product either in UK/USA

There is a distinct lack of reviews by people who have not received the product through the blogger programme.  This leads me to believe that there are two types of reviews available on google:

  1. Those reviews that are Tria-sponsored, i.e. bloggers who have received the product for free to review online.
  2. Search results that Tria have paid for, as google works on a paid advertising basis. The higher up the search results, the more likely it is that someone has paid for those to rank highly.

Also, my little blog here is not available on any search engines, I googled and duckduckgo”ed “trialaser4xreview wordpress” but I don’t appear. However Tria laser review wordpress brings you directly to two other extremely positive wordpress reviews.

Something to think about before you spend the money on Tria I suspect.

Another interesting thing I would like to add is that since I am 5 weeks in and have noticed no hairs falling out, if anything I have noticed that the growth has diminished, this is, as pointed out by one blogger, not how these lasers should work. They are meant to destroy the root, not weaken it, so hairs should fall out, not simply, grow back less frequently or weaker.

Anyway, maybe I am bitter because I continue to have daily hair growth (in some places worse than before) so do bear with me. I leave for holidays in 3 weeks and plan to use it as usual until I go.  I will be delighted to be proven wrong of course, since I shelled out all that money out of my own pocket and I am not rich. Any comments or thoughts are warmly welcomed!  Thanks 🙂





Author: trialaser4xreview

I am testing and reviewing the Tria laser 4x, honestly I hope it works, lets see! Please follow my progress and send me comments about your experiences. The Internet seems to be divided on this product, some hail it is a wonder product, some say that positive reviewers are paid Tria fakes, others like me are just bloody well hoping that it works!! Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences :)