Week 3: Face, armpits, etc

So I have actually  not started at with my legs since I fell and hurt my leg last week and the cuts/scabs/bruises don’t look like they need a burning laser sensation on them.

I have decided for now, to concentrate on my face, arms, armpits and feet. Legs, body, Bikini will have to come later.

I have to say that I have noticed less hair growing on my upper lip and chin. I hope it is not wishful thinking. I have been using a really tiny, micro blade-protected razor on my face as I don’t want to use a regular razor. I used it today and there are less hairs than last week. My chin seems the same, maybe about a 5-10% reduction. I treated my whole face today with level 4-5. Bloody painful but apparently the higher the setting, the faster the results. I am actually encouraged by the results, especially since I am using it weekly instead of the recommended bi-weekly.

I did my feet today too, just my big toe and the top of my foot. It also seems like there is less hair there. Although it is really hard to say.

Finally, I did my armpits, which hurt like hell today. The laser at 4-5 is too high, lowered it to three but it still hurts. If I press the device hard against my skin, the pain is reduced. It really also looks like the hairs under my arms are thinning too. I am going to not shave anywhere til next Monday in order to really examine the regrowth. Luckily my boyfriend is out of town 😉


Author: trialaser4xreview

I am testing and reviewing the Tria laser 4x, honestly I hope it works, lets see! Please follow my progress and send me comments about your experiences. The Internet seems to be divided on this product, some hail it is a wonder product, some say that positive reviewers are paid Tria fakes, others like me are just bloody well hoping that it works!! Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences :)