Week 2: Face, armpits, etc

ok, so I’m not waiting another week for my second Treatment (Tria recommends treating every two weeks, I am planning to treat every week on the same day for consistency), I’m going to treat again this week for the second time. Going to do upper lip, chin, feet and armpits today.

I used level 2-3 more or less. Watched some Tria laser review videos on YouTube, got a handy tip to buy a white eyeliner to help map out the lines on my arms and legs.  2 treatments down, looking forward to seeing some results soon!




Author: trialaser4xreview

I am testing and reviewing the Tria laser 4x, honestly I hope it works, lets see! Please follow my progress and send me comments about your experiences. The Internet seems to be divided on this product, some hail it is a wonder product, some say that positive reviewers are paid Tria fakes, others like me are just bloody well hoping that it works!! Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences :)