Week 1: Arms

So I miss a day, so today I’m going to laser my arms and get started on my legs, depending on time.

I shave both arms, pat dry and laser away. The trouble is the battery runs out halfway through the second arm. So one charge gets me, face, underarms, feet, plus an arm and a half. I suppose that’s not bad. Let’s see how long it takes to charge.

While waiting to charge I notice that the hairs on my chin and upper lip are coming back stronger and darker, which is awful. I usually only wax and use a tweezers and I’m terrified that using a razor and delipatory cream is going to give me a short term dark shadow there.   It actually looks worse than usual there right now. Gah!  Please let this Tria machine works its scientific magic!

I finish the second arm and I don’t think I have been so accurate and thorough with the overlapping tchnique. To be honest, I’ve run out of steam. The process is long and tedious and I lose patience to be so exact. Next time I treat my arms, I’ll start with a full charge and defuzz my arms some hours before.


Author: trialaser4xreview

I am testing and reviewing the Tria laser 4x, honestly I hope it works, lets see! Please follow my progress and send me comments about your experiences. The Internet seems to be divided on this product, some hail it is a wonder product, some say that positive reviewers are paid Tria fakes, others like me are just bloody well hoping that it works!! Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences :)