Week 1: Getting Started & treatment 1

Hello readers, I’m starting this blog to document my experience with the Tria laser 4x. I’m sick of waxing and shaving and, with summer around the corner, I want to be ready to flash my skin comfortably.  I am a white female with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and medium to dark hair on my legs, arms, obviously armpits and bikini area but alas, also on my upper lip, chin and horror of horrors on my toes, feet, tummy and lower back. I bought the Tria laser today and am going to use it right away. It cost €445 so it better work. I found that many of the reviews online seemed to be by “beauty testers”, meaning that the tester received the product from a commercial entity in order to test and review.

I also came across an interesting Youtube Video Review that suggests that many of the positive Tria reviewers are in fact paid advertisers of Tria. I really hope that this isn’t the case, although with their 90 Money back guarantee, it might be a conspiracy theory… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4_NT70CTX0

I can tell you that I bought it out of my own pocket and I hope to blog in detail and honestly, so that others who want rid of excess hair can read an honest review before purchase.

So you can read lots about the product itself on the website, or just google it. I’m not going to repeat that content.  It’s only suitable for certain skin and fair types but I’m in that category so I’m going to try. I’m posting two pics, what you get when you open the box (the small green box contains the electrical cord)..


.. and the promises/guarantee of results on the box inlay.




Since I don’t want to spend a whole day doing this. I’m going to break up my areas in my blog entries so I remember where and when I treat.

So off I go with my first treatment. Today I’m going to treat both armpits, upper lip, chin and feet.  I charge up my new laser (takes 2 hours) and unlock it using the skin sensor.

Armpits: I clean/shave/dry each one, then press the laser to my armpit. I’m at level 4-5. It’s kind of hard to gauge how to start and move along in order to cover the whole thing so I just start from top and move along horizontally until the whole area is done. It hurts a bit, as it’s a bit sensitive there having just shaved the area. The pain is there and gone in an instant though. Note: next time I’ll shave an hour or so before so its not so sensitive.

Upper lip & chin: I am really nervous about using a razor here. I usually wax and pluck but this treatment requires shaving, something about the hair needing to be in the follicle. The skin is sensitive there and I actually send an email to customer care about it. They reply quickly to say that using a depilatory cream is ok for lip and chin. I think this area will require uneven treatments as the hairs don’t grow uniformly. Anyway, start level 5, move along chin and upper lip in less than 4 minutes. Switch to level 4 at some point. Skin goes red on lip and chin but it reduces after a few mins. Done. Please let this work!

Feet: prepare feet as with armpit.  Same experience, start at 5, reduce to 4. Takes a couple of mins to do both.

So, first treatment done. Hard to say how I feel. I look the same and it is a bit hard to know how to treat and overlap/move the device. The treatment window zapper area is about the size of an M&M so hard to know. According to Tria, next treatment is in two weeks, and I should see 70% hair reduction 3 weeks after that. So 5 weeks from today. Stay tuned.




Author: trialaser4xreview

I am testing and reviewing the Tria laser 4x, honestly I hope it works, lets see! Please follow my progress and send me comments about your experiences. The Internet seems to be divided on this product, some hail it is a wonder product, some say that positive reviewers are paid Tria fakes, others like me are just bloody well hoping that it works!! Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences :)

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